What does it look like?

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The key safety awareness messages are presented as eight distinct levels in an online cartoon-style game environment, where each level is located within the child’s virtual world. The child selects levels from an interactive map of their virtual world. Locations become available on successful completion of a previous level such that the child progresses sequentially through the key messages, building on prior learning with more complex skills, behaviours and strategies.

Map view (with help messages displayed) allowing child to select each level in turn

On first entering the child safety awareness game environment, and on completion of each game level, the child is placed in their personal virtual lounge room. From here the child can access levels (by selecting the TV displaying the map), and view their awards (on the wall) and parent or carer additional information (on the bookshelf). Progress through the levels, the child’s award and their profile characters are saved automatically so that the child can return to game from where they left off.


Lounge room ‘home’ screen allowing child to select levels, create profile, and view awards and parent information

On first login the child creates a virtual Sims-style character to represent themself in the game. This virtual character and the child’s name are displayed throughout the environment in both the presentation of child safety messages and the interactive games. The personalised character has been found to offer greater engagement of the child with the content. Once the virtual character has been created the child selects the map view and then enters ‘level 1: Ask parents first’, located at ‘My House’.

Each level comprises of:

1) an instructional section

2) activity/game sections

3) and summary of key points

Instructional Section

The instructional section presents the key child safety awareness messages for the level using magazine-style cartoons and dynamic animations of scenarios. All textual information is also presented as an audio track spoken by children of the same age.


Level 6 screenshot showing key codeword message

Activity/Game Section

The activity/game section reiterates the messages presented in the instructional section and tests the child’s understanding through interactive role-play and games. There are three main styles of activities: i) choice from three options as to ‘what to do next’; ii) selection of correct items from display of multiple items; iii) and interactive games. The child is given additional information for each incorrect and correct selection to reiterate the appropriate behaviour.


Level 6 activity ‘What should you do now?’

Summary Section

On completion of the messages and interactive activities the child is presented with a summary page for the level with images and animations to reiterate the key safety awareness messages.


Level 1 summary page to reiterate key messages

The child is returned to the lounge room where a printed award for the level is hanging on the wall. Additionally, an information sheet for parents or carers accompanying the level is now selectable on the bookcase. The child award is image based with few words but includes the child’s name and virtual character. The parent/carer sheet explains in more detail the messages of the level.


Child award for level 6 (for printing)

There are interactive game elements throughout the 8 levels (activity style iii). These include drag and drop recognition of a Police Officer and Police car, photo fit game to create people; maze games to navigate from home to school along safe routes; and Trusted Adults that can lend a hand.



Level 4 game – My Trusted Adults


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